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    The Curlin 4000 CMS is the first & only ambulatory infusion pump that reduces the risk of medication errors.The Curlin 4000 CMS {CENTRAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM} is a technologically advanced multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump.
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    Pumping Mechanism: Curvilinear Peristaltic Pumping Mechanism
    Type of Device:
    Five Therapy Ambulatory Electronic Infusion Pump, comprising: Continuous, PCA (IV, Epidural, Subcutaneous), TPN, Intermittent and Variable modes.

    Pump Size: 5.1″ x 4.0″ x 2.5 ”
    Weight: 17.5 oz
    Accuracy: ± 5% Accuracy
    Resolution of Flow: 0.002 ml (2 microliters)
    Flow Rates: 0.1 ml to 400 ml/hr
    Volume Limits: 1.0 ml to 9,999 ml

    KVO Rates: 0.0 to 10 ml/hr
    Power Sources: 2 “C” Alkaline Batteries; AC and External Rechargeable Battery Pack
    Operating Time (Full Charge Batteries): Nominal 10 hrs at 400 ml/hr, Nominal 30 hrs at 125 ml/hr, Nominal 85 hrs at 2 ml/hr
    Alarms: Infusion Complete, Air-In-Line, High Upstream Pressure, Occlusion Upstream, Occlusion Downstream, Door Open, Set Not Installed, Unattended Pump, Replace Set, Empty Battery
    Alerts: Alert Messages Help The User In Correct Operations

    Data Log: 6000 events, Including Line Pressure, Volume Infused/Time

    CURLIN CMS 4000 Operator’s Manual 


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