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    The Omni-Flow 4000 Plus™ is a versatile and dependable multi-channel device.It can vastly improve overall nursing and clinical efficiency in a clinical setting. The Omni-Flow 4000 ™Plus is a sophisticated pump that accurately manages high demand infusion requirements. Concurrent flow with positive controls handles multiple medications freeing time spent setting up multiple single line systems.

    The Pump features advanced software that manages and synchronizes the infusion of drugs though 4 channels that can be programmed for sequential or concurrent infusion.The Omni -Flow system is widely used to administer complex drug therapy protocols,such as those for cardiac anesthesiology,oncology,and bone marrow transplantation.

    Its patented multi-drug management capabilities promote the safe and precise delivery of medication and reduce drug administration errors.


    1.A unique flush capability that helps facilitate delivery of incompatible medications.
    2.A closed delivery system ,for administering chemotherapy agents that can reduce exposure for clinicians.
    3.A single patient line reduces the need for multiple I.V. access sites and minimizes priming volume
    4.Programmed delivery for maintenance of therapeutic blood levels is assured,vital with antibiotics and chemotherapy.
    5. Intermittent programming up to 24 hours in advance for continuous and/or intermittent dosing so patients who may be in transit to other treatments will receive their medications on time at the right time.

    Weight Approximately 14.5 LB’S ,Casing High Density polyurethane structural foam,
    Power Cord Plug Hospital Grade [3 Pin] ,Battery 12 Volt ,sealed lead acid,rechargeable,
    Battery Life Approximately 5 hours of operation at 125mL/hr,Dimensions 11.25 H x 12W x 7.5 D inches
    Please contact us for a competitive price,refurbished pumps patient ready in nice condition.


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